Anhui Zhonghe Industrial Park is invested by Hangzhou ? Jinzhi HR Group with a total amount of 520
    million RMB, located in Qianshan Economic Development Zone (Anhui provincial development zone), covering an area of 400 Mu, including standard multi-floor workshop and related facilities as 265,000
    square meters, mainly on development of mechanical, electrical, hardware, textile and related industries, designed as combined Special Industrial Park with manufacture, administration, research & development, storage, logistics, living and other facilities. With the help of selected investors via investment promotion,
    transferring outside outstanding industry resources into Industrial Park, to combine industry and trade, for mutual promotion & industry Agglomeration, with standard 4-6 floor industrial workshop, and provides value-added services, such as investment consulting, project planning, project construction, project supporting, and professional management, etc. in order to bring long-term stable reward and scale advantage to enterprises in park.[More]
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